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 Pine Point Cooking School


When I was 11 my Greek-American mother began to teach me to cook. She would leave me instructions on the stove so that I could prep dinner for the family while she was still at work. Then she would come home and add the finishing touches. On weekends we cooked together. I learned how to plan a meal and read a recipe. I became familiar with all the fresh foods and basic culinary techniques that are part of what we now call “The Mediterranean Diet.”

Looking back, I was so lucky to have a mother who was a great home cook and who took the time to teach me and inspire within me a passion for the best ingredients, simple preparation and the connection between diet and health.

This is what Pine Point Cooking is all about - learning how to cook with love the way my mother taught me, enjoying the food with family and friends, and learning to be discerning about what you eat. I emphasize local, organic produce, dairy, and poultry as well as sustainable seafood.


We learn to eat what is in season and to eat wisely (don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food!) And we learn to eat with
pleasure, like the Italians and the French. Class size is limited to no more than six students, so there is a lot of
individual attention.

Classes are partially demonstration with as much hands on as possible. Students also learn kitchen safety and cleanliness, use and care of kitchen equipment, how to read a recipe, organizational techniques, balanced meal planning and nutrition, as well as basic culinary techniques - with a bit of kitchen science thrown in.

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